Multiple award winning shadow theater, Best performance of Britain Got
Talent now is in Corfu with the outstanding drama and subjective story,
Dominant for the best show in global Hotel entertainment industry.

Corfu Artists Proudly presents the Original Theater of Shadows.

Available from 1st of June, 2018

An Breathtaking Performance

Performed by 8 professional Artists

Shadow show is an combination of ancient and modern genres, shadows theater and 3D technologies. Dive into the fascinating fairy tale atmosphere of the audience with the wonderful music created by talented composers specifically for the act. All these innovations transforms the unique story, exciting and unpredictable. The only obvious thing – is the final. In this tale it will also be happy.

Save the Earth

One of the most inspirational acts conserning environment. This act is a part of the full show from our Shadow Theater.

Family Oriented

Designed for the audience of every age group

One hour long performance with full of feelings


Story that will take your breath away.

Devotion to the Art and Creativity

Life is an art and we paint it with creative colors. watch behind the scenes video

Contributing to the Growth of Greek Tourism

Corfu Artist is leading contributor to the Hotel Entertainment industry in Greece.

Our exclusive performances are the warrants of 100% satisfation.

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